COVID-19 (February 2022)


February 2022 To our valued clients, We will be altering our clinic operations to now welcome clients within our building from our previous closed-door curbside services. This will allow one family member to enter the clinic with their pet(s) and to be present for their examinations. During your time spent in clinic, we ask [...]

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FAQ: Grain Free Diets and Heart Disease


Recently the FDA’s Center for Veterinary Medicine has released a study which implicates grain-free diets as a contributor to dilated cardiomyopathy in dogs and cats.  We have a number of patients who eat grain-free diets so we feel it is important to address some of the questions regarding the topic and discuss next steps. [...]

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Holiday Tips


Holiday Tips During the very busy Holiday Season there are many common seasonal items that can cause harm to our pets. We want to provide our clients with a helpful guideline containing things to avoid or monitor closely when you have a pet in the house. Ingestible Toxins: Food: Chocolate – based on the [...]

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Ticks – FAQ’s


Ticks - FAQ's  Where can my dog pick up a tick? Ticks are most commonly found in areas with long grass as well as forested areas with foliage covering the ground. Ticks thrive in dark, moist covered areas provided by layers of dead, damp leaves. Unlike fleas, ticks do not jump onto your pets. [...]

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Travelling with a Pet


Travel Documentation For entry to the USA from Canada your pet will require: An up to date Rabies vaccination and vaccination certificate.  Streetsville Animal Hospital’s vaccination policy is to vaccinate with Rabies every 2 years.  If you are travelling with your pet in a year where your pet received DHPP and Rabies was not [...]

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Pets can have allergies just like us and may present them in ways that can cause discomfort.  We want to help make sure our clients are armed with the knowledge to not only recognize when their pet may be dealing with an allergy but also how to properly address the issue and keep our  [...]


Halloween Tips


To ensure you and your pet have a safe and Happy Halloween here are some tips that will make the night fun for everyone!   Your pet can easily become anxious and frightened with the doorbell frequently ringing to reveal children in unfamiliar clothes and masks. Confining your cat or dog to their own [...]

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Raccoon Rabies Update


Veterinary Alert Update: Raccoon Rabies Hamilton Ontario December 10, 2015 On December 2, 2015, a sick raccoon in Hamilton ON had a significant altercation with two dogs. The raccoon was euthanized and tested for rabies as a precaution. Test results were received on December 4, and were positive for rabies (raccoon variant). Subsequent surveillance testing [...]

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Xylitol Poisoning


Xylitol Toxicosis We want to make our clients aware of a sugar substitute which is toxic to dogs and is now being used in some peanut and other nut butters.  This product is called Xylitol.  Because peanut and other nut butters are a treat that pets commonly enjoy, we feel that it is important [...]

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