Holiday Tips

During the very busy Holiday Season there are many common seasonal items that can cause harm to our pets. We want to provide our clients with a helpful guideline containing things to avoid or monitor closely when you have a pet in the house.

Ingestible Toxins:


  • Chocolate – based on the type of chocolate, quantity ingested and weight of your pet, signs can range from gastrointestinal upset, hyperactivity, tremors, seizures, abnormal heart rhythms and potentially death
  • Onions and garlic – ingestion can cause anemia
  • Grapes and raisins – can cause kidney failure if ingested
  • Macadamia nuts – although rare, can cause tremors, vomiting and muscle weakness if ingested
  • Yeast dough – this can rise inside of your pet’s digestive system and cause painful gas and potential rupture
  • Rich foods with high fat content – although giving your pet a treat through the Holidays seems like a great idea, human foods that your pet is not accustomed to can cause gastrointestinal upset as well as pancreatitis
  • Alcoholic beverages – these can cause gastrointestinal upset, decreased co-ordination, depression, difficulty breathing, seizures and potentially death
  • Candy and gum containing xylitol – can cause low blood sugar and liver failure


  • Poinsettias – if ingested can cause oral irritation and gastrointestinal upset
  • Lilies – these are commonly found in Holiday themed bouquets and are toxic to cats, if ingested they can cause kidney failure
  • Holly – can cause lethargy, vomiting and gastrointestinal upset
  • Mistletoe – gastrointestinal upset

If your pet has consumed any of these items please call us and let us know. Information that we require in order to make a proper plan for treatment is your pet’s weight, the type of food that was consumed, when it was consumed and the volume which was consumed.


  • Tinsel and ribbon on gifts – Cats especially love to chew on tinsel or ribbon which can get caught up in the intestines and cause blockages
  • Christmas tree water – Some Christmas trees have fertilizers which can cause stomach upset
  • Electric cords – try to hide or cover up pet accessible electric cords as efficiently as you can so they do not get chewed on!
  • Low hanging ornaments or tchotchkes around the house

Holiday Parties:

Parties are a very popular pass time over the Holiday Season and unfortunately most pets are not social butterflies! Some pets may become anxious with the volume of people in your house as well as noise and a disruption in their regular routine. It is always good idea to make up a safe zone in a low traffic area of your home during these times like a bedroom or laundry room for your pet that includes their bed, food, water and some toys. Keeping them contained safely in this area will also eliminate the chance of a curious pet slipping out of a constantly opening and closing front door as you greet your guests.

If your pet has a personality that enjoys mingling with your guests, please make sure that all of your guests know not to offer your pet any food items that are toxic or do not agree with their digestive systems. Some pets have unique sensitivities and allergies that others may not so let your guests know that hand outs are forbidden or if you are a guest, please ask your host! Some people who are not pet owners may not be familiar with these rules. Also try to keep all of the food you put out for your guests high enough where curious noses will not be able to locate and consume it.

If you have any questions about this literature or just a general inquiry about your pet, please let us know! We would be more than happy to help.

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