Preventative Health Care

Because pets cannot tell us how they are feeling, regular examinations are very important. Disease prevention and early detection is the best way to add years of enjoyment for you and your pet. At Streetsville Animal Hospital your pet will receive individualized recommendations based on their lifestyle, age, and any existing medical issues. All recommendations will be discussed and any questions answered before procedures are completed.

An annual examination is much more than just getting vaccinations. It is recommended to detect health problems before they become serious illnesses. It is common to detect issues with body weight that can lead to arthritis, hair coat problems, constipation and many other problems as animals age. We also detect dental issues before serious complications can arise if animals are seen on a routine basis. Annual examinations and testing allow us to monitor for small but significant health changes. It is far better to be aware and informed about the development of medical issues than to have to rush you pet to the veterinarian to deal with a severe and potentially preventable problem.

What to expect during your pets examination?

  • A thorough history of your pet’s behaviour and any possible signs of illness

  • A thorough physical exam

  • Applicable vaccinations based on your pet’s risk of disease exposure

  • Recommended screening tests based on your pet’s breed, age, lifestyle, and overall health

  • Recommendations for flea, tick, and heartworm control

  • An evaluation of your pet’s diet and nutritional health

  • A review of all findings and time to ask any questions you may have

Please contact Streetsville Animal Hospital if you have any questions. We share the love and respect you have for your pets and would appreciate the opportunity to care for them. We encourage you to book an appointment with us at your convenience


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